Same-sex divorce in DC -- it's easier than you think

by Philip Yabut in

At the time of this writing, only eight states and DC allow same-sex marriage.  The corollary is that if a state does not recognize gay marriage, it (usually -- more on that in another post) will not help a same-sex couple get a divorce, and with so few gay-friendly jurisdictions it could be difficult to end a union that ends badly.

Fortunately, if you got married in DC, you're in luck.  In March, the DC Council unanimously approved a bill that clears the way for routine gay divorce.  The law goes a bit further by allowing a divorce even if one or neither party lives in DC, just as long as the marriage happened in the District and the parties live in a jurisdiction that will not let them get a legal divorce.  And, finally, for legal gay marriages not performed in DC, the law allows for the a six-month residency requirement, tying it with Vermont for the shortest in the country.

The result of this law is that in DC gay couples seeking a divorce may now go through the normal process as their opposite-sex neighbors.  For the full text of the law, click here.

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