DUI 102: Check Out the Scene

by Philip Yabut in

In defending a DUI case, it's best to first go back to basics.  And there's nothing more basic than finding out what happened at the accident/traffic stop scene.

Every accident or traffic stop is like a person -- no two are exactly alike, even if they happened in the same location under similar circumstances.  You cannot assume that a new case will be anything like something you had dealt with in the past.  So you should take the time to visit the scene.  Make note of everything you can -- pavement conditions, the way the lines are painted on the road, placement of signs and traffic signals, trees and other vegetation, the angle of the sun at different times of the day, sidewalks and/or sidewalks, buildings and other landmarks.  And also pay close attention to where the police officer observed the alleged behavior or responded to the accident.

Taking the time to visit and learn everything you can about the scene of the incident can go a long way.  Foremost, you'll give notice to the judge and the prosecution that you prepared a thoughtful defense.  And it will give your client  some peace of mind that you are looking after his/her best interests.

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