Pro Bono opportunity: DC Volunteer Lawyers Project

by Philip Yabut in

Recently, I learned of a pro bono organization that could help young or new attorneys gain hands-on experience and give back to the community.  The DC Volunteer Lawyers Project is always looking for new volunteer attorneys, so if you're interested, please visit for more information. From their website:

The DC Volunteer Lawyers Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide high-quality, free legal services to low-income District of Columbia residents in family law cases.  Our volunteer lawyers provide pro bono legal representation to:
  • survivors of domestic violence in civil protection order, custody, visitation, divorce, child support and immigration cases
  • children in high-conflict custody cases
  • foster parents in adoption, guardianship, placement and licensing matters
  • third-party caregivers in custody cases
Founded in January of 2008, the DCVLP addresses the urgent need for more pro bono family law lawyers by tapping into an unused resource -- experienced lawyers who have left full-time legal practice, many of them to raise families, and want to use their legal skills to help the community.  The DCVLP assists these lawyers in reentering the legal profession by providing training programs, a professional support network, and mentorship and supervision throughout the duration of a case.  The DCVLP also provides volunteers with malpractice insurance, an office for client meetings, online legal research tools and other resources they need to provide free, high-quality legal representation to indigent clients.

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