News Update: Marriage Equality Ahead in Three States

by Philip Yabut in

Besides high-profile presidential and congressional elections, three states -- Maryland, Maine and Washington state -- are voting on whether to legalize same-sex marriage.  In all three states, supporters of marriage equality are leading in varying degrees.   A fourth state, Minnesota, has a constitutional gay marriage ban on its ballot.

In Maryland, the governor signed a law legalizing same-sex marriage, but the measure is up for a referendum next month.  A recent poll showed that the those in favor upholding the law are ahead 52% to 43% of likely voters.

Like Maryland, Washington's governor signed a law legalizing gay marriage, but the measure is appearing on the ballot as Referendum 74.  A recent poll showed that marriage equality is leading 56.3% to 35.6%, with 6.1% undecided.

In Maine, the measure is up for a vote as a "citizen's initiative," and a recent poll showed support for marriage equality is leading 55% to 39%, with 4.5% undecided.

Unlike those three states, Minnesota has a ballot initiative for a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.  This race is extremely tight in a state that is widely depicted as liberal, with 47% in favor of the ban 46% opposed.

Up to this point, every single state ballot measure banning same-sex marriage has passed.  This year promises to be different, and possibly the start of a trend going the other way.

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