Wills on the Hill

by Philip Yabut in

This past November, my wife and I had a our first child. We very quickly discovered the trials and tribulations of being new parents: lack of sleep, overnight feedings and diaper changes, uncertainty over the right things to do to soothe your child, and the virtual disappearance of a social life. The experience, as so many of you know, has been life-altering -- so very challenging but also extraordinarily rewarding.

As a new parent, I understand the impact that raising a child has on the daily schedule.  While caring for a newborn, finding time to eat (and shower!) can prove a challenge--the idea of tackling tasks beyond that may seem like a distant dream. As time goes on, these time commitments change but don't necessarily decrease. As a result, you may end up putting aside tasks that you meant to do.

And if you are a new parent, maybe you're thinking a little bit more about the future than you before. Will you have to find daycare? Where are the best elementary schools in your area? What happens if he or she gets accepted to Harvard?

And what happens if you die?

That last question is likely to be the last thing on your mind when you're young and single and invincible. But when you start a family, it becomes important to consider how they will be provided for if the unthinkable happens. Many people have pensions or retirement plans that automatically pass to a designated beneficiary upon death (be sure to keep them up to date!), or jointly own a house or car or other property with their spouse, so there is no question as to where these assets will go. However, that potentially leaves a lot of assets and valuables whose ownership would be in dispute. That's where a will comes in. A properly written and executed will informs everyone you leave behind of your last wishes and eliminates sources of conflict and confusion.

I have started a program called Wills on the Hill because I know the limits on time that parents face. While I can help draft and execute wills throughout Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia, if you live in Capitol Hill or nearby neighborhoods, I offer home visits for initial consultations and other meetings as needed.  Yes, I can do house calls during your child's nap time, on evenings and weekends, or whenever you may have a free moment.  

The rewards of this effort have been multiple for me. In the months that I've been offering this service, it has been a pleasure to fill a need within the community by easing the way for people seeking to secure their families' futures. On a more personal level, it has been wonderful to grow my practice closer to home, which allows me a bit of flexibility to peek in and check on my son's progress rolling over. So if this service is of interest to you, please review the resources on my site -- and as always, please contact me with any questions.

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